Experience Ktown on Wheels

The stretch between Vermont Ave. and La Brea Ave. can be easily covered taking 4th St. This is a popular street choice among bike commuters who want a quiet alternative to busier east-west streets like 3rd St., Wilshire, or Beverly. Ride past varied trees, good looking lawns, and people walking with their dogs and kids. Fewer stop lights, and a lot of 4-way stop intersections are easy on a bike since most cars, already stopped, will respect your right of way.


Min to Shatto Recreation


Min to Korean Education


Min to Wilshire
Metro Station

Bike Resources

For the most part, weather in Los Angeles is perfect for riding a bicycle. At K2LA we pride ourselves on supporting the cycling community. We encourage our residents to use their bikes, and even provide free K2LA bikes for residents to borrow, along with bike storage and an on-site bike kitchen.

  • New Millenium Bike Shop
  • Ciclavia
  • Bicycle Coalition
  • Biking LA

Explore Ktown on Your Bike

A Gateway to Koreatown

Koreatown, located west of Downtown LA and south of Hollywood, is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Even frequent visitors often find they have just scratched the surface of this vibrant district.