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Koreatown is Surrounded by the 10, 110 and 101 Freeways

Koreatown’s central location in Los Angeles is reinforced by its major throughways. Wilshire Blvd. and Olympic Blvd., two of the most heavily traveled east-west arterials in Los Angeles, form the backbone of the Korean community in the northern and southern part of the neighborhood, respectively.

The Koreatown community is unique in that it reflects a mixture of everything Los Angeles has to offer: a combination of luxury, mid-range, affordable housing, retail and office buildings. Residents can live, work, and play within close proximity. If you need a ride, you can take advantage of convenient services that provide a safe and cost effective way to get around even if you don't own a car.

Parking – You will find free street parking available around residential areas of Koreatown, parking meters all along commercial corridors, and many parking lots offering ample convenient parking.


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K2LA's Central Location Makes Exploring by Car Easy

A Gateway to Koreatown

Koreatown, located west of Downtown LA and south of Hollywood, is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Even frequent visitors often find they have just scratched the surface of this vibrant district.